Airhead Wake Shaker Kneeboard

Airhead Wake Shaker Kneeboard

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Product Description

Wake Shaker's newly designed channeled bottom makes kneeboarding easier and more fun to ride! You'll love the easy rail to rail transitions, consistent arc though turns and effortless spins! Wake Shaker is great for all riding levels and has massive rocker and beveled edges for sharp turns without getting hung up during surface tricks. The deep knee wells provide ultimate comfort and control. The unique bottom features reduce water tension for a light, responsive feel. Airhead's integrated EZ UP hook provides effortless starts every time and easy access to the rope handle.

The Airhead Wake Shaker Kneeboard is your watersports kneeboard designed for wakeboarding and kneeboarding enthusiasts. It features a unique design that allows you the rider to perform tricks and stunts with ease and comfort.

Some key features of the Airhead Wake Shaker Kneeboard include:

  • Molded knee pad: The knee pad is molded to provide cushioning and support for the rider's knees. It's also adjustable to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for riders of different sizes.

  • Hook-and-loop strap: The hook-and-loop strap secures the rider's feet to the board, allowing for better control and stability while performing tricks.

  • Beveled edges: The beveled edges of the kneeboard allow for easy and smooth cuts and turns.

  • High-density foam: The kneeboard is made of high-density foam that provides buoyancy and stability in the water.

  • Concave deck: The concave deck of the Airhead Wake Shaker Kneeboard provides grip and traction, making it easier to perform tricks and stunts.

Overall, the Airhead Wake Shaker Kneeboard is a versatile and durable kneeboard designed for riders of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced wakeboarder, this kneeboard provides a fun and exciting experience on the water.